Monday, 15 June 2009

Some benches at my allotments...

I like to think this tank is full of beer, and the owner just sits there at the end of a hard day digging, but it looks a little too unsavoury for that!

This is my ideal allotment. S/he's obviously made this bench, there's a hen house and a very ditzy shaped greenhouse too.

OK, not exactly a bench, more a chair but it looks so welcoming. I might have to write here.

The most 'serious' bench I could find. One day I will be this organised.


DJ Kirkby said...

I like the handmade one best.

Sandy K. said...

I love visiting your site and seeing what you've found next. You have actually made me look at benches when I'm out and about and may feature them on a blog post one day. Of course I'll give you the credit:). Whereever did you come up with the idea?

Sarah Salway said...

Me too DJ, I have some more handmade ones coming up.
And thanks Sandy - I started the blog actually about a bench we commissioned for my mother when she died, and then started to look at other memorial benches. And now it makes me think about all public spaces, and places for people just to sit and be amongst others. You should look at DJ Kirkby's (above) blog too - we are two great minds!!!!