Monday, 29 June 2009

Bodnant Benches

I honestly think Bodnant Garden in Wales might be one of the most beautiful gardens I've seen. Here are just some of the benches I spotted at the weekend there...

This was incorporated into the bridge so you sat over the river, very clever design.

Can you spot the bench hiding in the jungle?

I have to say some of the benches were just a little too grand for me ...

...but there were plenty of these simple ones dotted around.

But speaking of grand, I wonder if my staff would like to give me a bench?

There was plenty of water around, and benches from which to admire it.

And the perfect circle round the perfect tree. I do like these circular benches.

I wondered if these stone benches incorporated into the front of the house were what gave the inspiration for the bridge bench above. And if you look further up the terrace you can see the family benches and table - let me tell you there were similar seating arrangements on the other side of the house too, so you can catch the sun rise and set. These people are clever at making their lives beautiful - I think that's what makes the garden such a success.

And what is it about an arch that makes a bench look cheeky?

Finally, there was a newly hewn tunnel under the road to get in and out. I liked these benches which seemed to fit in with the stone completely, even if they don't seem all that welcoming.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Monday, 15 June 2009

Some benches at my allotments...

I like to think this tank is full of beer, and the owner just sits there at the end of a hard day digging, but it looks a little too unsavoury for that!

This is my ideal allotment. S/he's obviously made this bench, there's a hen house and a very ditzy shaped greenhouse too.

OK, not exactly a bench, more a chair but it looks so welcoming. I might have to write here.

The most 'serious' bench I could find. One day I will be this organised.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Sometimes simple is just perfect ...

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

See the world from your bench

I hope Gardenhistorygirl won't mind that I've stolen the image above from her blog (do visit, do visit, straight away, I promise you won't regret it, apart from the work that will sit there undone while you read and read).

Anyway, the photo is actually of a model of Kingsnorth Gardens in Folkestone, done in the 1950s. It's the work of a Mr and Mrs Grace who lived just opposite the gardens, and is a faithful reproduction, "complete to the smallest detail, including tiny trees, curving paths, fences, gates, lawns and even tiny fountains which actually play."

I've been thinking on a slightly bigger scale. What if you created a miniature of the whole little world around your bench. Then you could just put out your foot and squash whatever country is annoying you. Pick up your watering can and, whoopsadaisy, there's a rainstorm. Or sprinkle flower seeds where you like. And happiness, and gold coins.

OK OK, I know I'm getting carried away now...