Monday, 20 October 2008

Consider the bench book

Thanks to Garden Monkey, for drawing my attention to this link to the Domestik Goddess's post on garden benches, and the reference to Mirabel Osler's book on The Garden Bench.

The always interesting and normally reliable Garden Monkey however wondered whether a whole book on garden benches isn't just a little indulgent.

Hah, I say, particularly with this blurb ...

Here are seats for languor, for conversation or momentary sloth, contemplative benches, benches for lovers, seats for scents, secrecy, twilight or shelter.

Which in my opinion makes it quite clear that just one book is not enough to contain all the poetry even a common-or-garden bench can inspire. Bring on the sequel.

(Interestingly, using the Domestik Goddess link to, the book costs over $80, but with, it's a snip at one penny. Does this mean we value benches more in the UK, or less? I wish I could see the book's cover.)

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